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This Pontoon cube is widely applied as floating docks, platforms for yachts, boats, motor-boats, ferries, floating bridges, swimming pools, show stages, floating wooden houses as well as fish culture net cages. Pontoon cubes are environmental friendly without any kind of pollutions, easy assembling and disassembling modular system, stable and secure on the water surface, esthetically beautiful with various color combinations. According to the site conditions, our construction teams are capable to offer a total & professional solution suitable to meet customers’ needs, including planning, manufacturing & installation.

Product Specifications:

Size: 500mm/500mm/400mm

Weight: 6.8 kg/ pc ± 0.3 kg/ pc

Floating Capacity: 325 kg/m2

Raw Material:  HMWHDPE - High Molecular Weight High Density Polyethylene

Temperature: -60 C/+80 C

Color available: orange, blue, gray, black, green, white.

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                                                                                         Character & Valuepontoon dock

Using HMWHDPE as raw materials, with other additions such as antistatic additive, antioxidant, anti-UV to resist corrosion, frost, UV rays, oxygenation, chemical reactions and oil., no pollution & 100% recyclable.

Anti-sliding design on the surface and the round smooth corners secure the usual dangers happened to cement & woods constructions.

High floating load capacity, stable and durable: 325 kg / m2

pontoon portAbove 15 years one life circle, almost without any maintenance or repair.

Easy, quick & flexible assembly, beautiful appearance, combined type are easily to dismantling for various configurations to meet for different request. Beautiful style, bright color, provided the crowning touch to the beauty spot.

Reasonable cost, in the long run, it will save much charge and times to protect, maintain, subrogate and overhaul.

Complete corollary Equipment: Bollard, boat stop, crashworthy ball, baluster, gangway and etc.

Information of Floating DockFloating Pontoon gangways

Protection of the floating dock

The crashworthy ball is installed at the external side of the dock in order to prevent the boats directly bumping thedock, thus protecting the shipboard and buoy.


Safety measures of the floating dock

There are guard line marks and fixing-typed railings around the dock, and the safe guarantee shall be provided by that the hanging-typed chain is adopted for the positioning of boat waiting.

Electricity supply, water supply and gas supply of the floating dock

Floating Pontoons docksThe pipeline-typed buoy is installed at the paths where the wiring is required, in order to pave the latticed cables, water pipes, or gas pipes (with the diameter of the pipe not more than 5cm); the steel base shall be installed at the assigned positions, to be as the pre-arranged connecting parts of electricity distribution, water distribution, gas distribution, lamp standard (umbrella stands, warning board, billboard, etc).

Connection between the dock and the shore

The short gangway connecting the dock with the fixing bank shall be in accordance with the detailed situations. The movable short gangway shall be adjustable to be lifted according to the undulation of the water level, in order to ensure safe and convenient walking.

Conection of pontoon with the shore Anchoring of pontoons

Floating wharf of the bearing capacity


Floating Pontoon dockMonolayer pontoon is 40cm high, every square meter is make up of four pontoons, and the top load is 325kg.

Draft without any loads: 2.5-3cm
Draft with the load of 150kg: 15-20cm (safely)
Draft with the load of 300kg: 35-37cm ( limit)


The pontoon is 80cm high, every sq.m is make up of four pontoons, and the top load is 650kg.

Draft without loads: 3-5cm
Draft with the load of 300kg: 40-50cm (safely applied)
Draft with the load of 600kg: 70-80cm (bearing limit)

Anti-wave magnitude of the floating dock

The wave on water surface between 2nd and 3rd class belongs to safely applicable range.

The wave on water surface between 3rd and 5th class can be applicable; however, the safety protection must be reinforced.

Floating pontoon bridgeThe wave on water surface between 5th and 8th class is the restricted applicable range (it is suggested that the shipping shall not be parked and the visitors shall not be in or out).

Attention: to avoid shaking of the dock, the area of internal lake’s dock is not less than 30 sq.m; the area of stage is not less than 100 sq.m.

Fixing type of floating dock

When the water depth is less than 3m, it is suitable for vertical installation of steel piles for fixing, matched with the idler wheel frame. In this way, the dock can be prevented from moving to the left and right, and the dock can be vertically lifted with the water level.

Floating pontoon bridgeWhen the water depth is more than 3m, the anchoring type of anchoring block sinking in the water bottom, steel cable and anchoring rope traction is adopted.

Assembly explanations

This product's chief feature lies in its four localization earring, in the pontoon body's four circle suppose one respectively the localization earring which staggers mutually in the identical plane, is equipped with the index hole on the earring, current. Left the right 0.4 pontoons combine when together 0.4 relative earrings happen to overlap, is then fixed with a hand tailor’s clevis pin insertion, extends according to this law expunges from a list May combine the arbitrary shape. Random size is landing stage. Disassembles is easily and quickly. Assembles is nimbly. The modeling is diverse. The structure is reliable and does not consume the manpower, reduction of construction time. Saves time.

Floating Pontoon scheme






CPS - pontoon project

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PWS - house on water

PWS DATA - house on pontoons